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   The National Swedenborgian Church

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      Join Us Every Sunday at 5:00 p.m. for
             Our Evening Prayer Service  

     Our Evening Prayers will focus on liturgy hymns, music and readings
     from the Bible and focus, in part, on Emanuel Swedenborg's theology.  

        We want to surround ourselves with the familiar, to rekindle
                  in us what Swedenborg calls the "inmost".


View Sermons:   "On Demand"


                            Join Our  "Read & Discuss" Series                         
                                             Every Monday  7:00 p.m.

                                      All Are Welcomed - Please Join Us 

Explore Immanuel Swedenborg's Theological and Philosophical Writings                 


          We are a self-directed group of people, from various institutions
                  who having various philosophical and theological insights.  We have
                  recently completed reading and discussing  Emanuel Swedenborg's
                  "Heaven and Hell" and are now engaged in reading Swedenborg's
                   "True Christianity, Vol 1". 

        Participation is open to all.  No book purchase necessary.  Please Join Us. 







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